Phone System Upgrades for Businesses

Business owners often hate having to upgrade their technology, often for some excellent reasons.  Most vendors really want to make upgrading seem FUN and EASY and SO COOL! Really, we all know it’s expensive, probably tedious, and employees won’t like having to change.  So, business owners often resist upgrading their computers or phones until things are spontaenously combusting.

Approaching upgrading is also stressful.  Perfectly timed upgrades with the best options is still a giant project.  Choosing the wrong upgrades with the wrong company can utterly annihilate a business.

We here at NoContractVoIP have some good news.  Upgrading your business telecommunication system doesn’t have to be horrifically expensive, complicated, or difficult to learn.  In addition, those upgrades offer unparalleled power to grow companies.

Various VoIP Upgrade Options

We offer our clients as many options as possible for upgrades.  Our technicians can work with whatever equipment a company has that they need to keep, or we can replace it all.  As a service and equipment provider, we can often replace it all for much lower cost than business owners feared while cutting the company’s overall bill.  Let’s take a dive into the various options for upgrading:

Hosted Cloud PBX

Hosted PBX (private branch exchange) represents the highest level of potential upgrade for most of our clients.  We specialize in serving small to medium businesses for whom structures and systems on the scale of Intuit are just not in reach.  With Hosted PBX, they suddenly are in reach. Instead of requiring a small to medium business maintain their own server, Hosted PBX systems permit our SMB clients to use our big servers.  NoContractVoIP maintains multiple geographically distributed servers in optimal environments.  Each server can support our entire client base.  If one server goes down, our clients don’t even notice that their system switched to a different server.

By contrast, small to medium businesses who maintain their own onsite PBX server have to maintain a large computer that they may not even use all of.  Our techs can provide virtual receptionists, free hold music, call logs, voicemail to email, virtual faxing, business texting, and complicated call structures at the client’s wish on our servers. Someone at the office must program and update that with an onsite PBX.

Onsite PBX

Of course, we can and will work with any system. Sometimes, an onsite PBX proves to be the most cost effective option for a particular business. We happily provide the connection lines from that onsite PBX to the larger telephone/data network.

New onsite PBX systems usually cost between $800 to $1000 per employee to install, which can be a hefty chunk at the outset.  Once installed, however, the costs over time do tend to drop for any stable business.  Businesses trying to quickly scale up can run into issues, but any business that will maintain the current number of employees can come out in the net positive after a few years with an onsite PBX.

Analog Phones

We do have some clients with a legacy analog system, and we can work with those systems as well.  We’ve seen some business owners who created or inherited an office space with a traditional phone system that works very well with what they do. However, the copper network that phone system used to hook into on the outside has gone away, and they need to connect to the rest of the world.

We provide an analog switch that makes the data lines and those traditional phones talk to each other.  Effectively, with that switch, analog phones work with VoIP protocols.

As a first step in upgrading, simply getting the current system hooked up to the Internet and able to make/recieve calls again works well.  Doing so usually slices the phone bill in half, if the old style copper lines were even available anymore at all. They’re being ripped out and replaced with data lines every day. So, the company can save money immediately and have time to plan for more comprehensive upgrades.

Ready For A Top Notch VoIP Business System?

Looking for a phone company that freely offers the support you need?

Here at NoContractVoIP, we create custom business phone systems offering a full suite of hybrid and remote solutions for your telecom needs. We rely on your success and we know it.

We never lock our clients into long term contracts.  If you dislike our services or support, just tell us to cancel and we take care of it.  No early termination fees, nobody gets stuck for years on end, and we’re motivated to keep our clients thriving.

All of our tech support people live and work near our headquarters in California, and tech support always answers 24/7/365. Our billing and customer support work from the same office. When you call you get a human, not a menu.

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