How Much Do Bad Phones Cost?

Business phone systems get counted as core infrastructure for any business these days. Companies cannot afford to be without them. It’s amazing, then, at the level of bad service companies often endure from their phone provider. People often fear change, even if their current solution is costing an incredible amount of money. Periodic review of…

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Client Rights Under VoIP Law

Business owners often want to take advantage of all the benefits that VoIP business phones offer. Too often they don’t over worry about the contracts and rules around VoIP.  What guarantees do businesses have from VoIP service providers? Who regulates VoIP services? Who enforces laws around VoIP phone systems? Well, first off, you could go…

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Mobile Malware Increased 500% in 2022

Free Unrecognizable hacker with smartphone typing on laptop at desk Stock Photo

Cybersecurity researchers recently uncovered an alarming mobile statistic. During the first few months of 2022, mobile malware attacks surged by 500%. This spike is alarming both in scale and because many people aren’t yet protecting smartphones. For years, mobile phone evolution gave them more and more power. They now function much like a computer –…

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2023 Data Privacy Trends Impacts

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Data privacy has been a growing requirement ever since the internet age began. So much personal information is flying around through computer networks. Protecting it has become a mandate. Most companies must follow HIPAA, GDPR, or another industry or locality-based privacy rule. By the end of 2024, 75% of the world’s population will have their…

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How To Use Business VoIP Phones

So, your company added a brand new shiny VoIP business phone system, and you got handed your new phone and told “good luck!” You’re sitting there wondering how to use this new phone without wasting yours or everyone else’s time. Fortunately, in the last twenty years a lot of programmers worked to make VoIP business…

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7 Reasons Small Business Needs VoIP

Small business phone systems must offer reliable and secure service with no learning curve to trouble new employees.  Business phone systems need to provide voicemail, call forwarding, integration with other business systems, and conference calling.  A business VoIP phone provider must also give top notch customer service. Most small to medium businesses can’t afford a…

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The Metaverse: Possible Business Change

Free illustrations of Metaverse

This past year everyone started talking about the “metaverse.” What is it and what does it actually mean for businesses? Is it just something that social media companies need to be concerned about or are the Powers That Be trying to change everything again? It seems to be the second one.  Regardless of what has…

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Exposed By A Data Breach?

Browsers like Edge have added breached password notifications for a reason. Data breaches represent an unfortunate part of modern life. These breaches often mean costly consequences for individuals. Hackers steal identities and compromise bank accounts, just to name a couple of favorite targets. Cybercriminals breach approximately 4,800 websites every month with form jacking programming. It…

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7 New Apps At Microsoft Ignite 2022

white smartphone near laptop

If you follow Microsoft products, then you definitely know about Microsoft Ignite. Held every year, this conference trumpets many exciting updates and announcements in the Microsoft world. Microsoft held its most recent conference last October. In the rush of the holiday sease, you probably missed some of the highlights. So, we’re bringing them to you…

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8 Tech Checks to Make Before You Travel

MacBook Pro, white ceramic mug,and black smartphone on table

Our technology always comes with us when we travel. Plenty of people won’t even travel to the end of the block without smartphone in hand. Whenever you go on a trip, missing your technology when you need it can ruin your day. Here at NoContractVoIP, we specialize in making business phone systems fully portable.  No…

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