NCV Security Hall of Fame

Celebrating Our Security Heroes

At NoContractVoIP, protecting your business communications and data is our top priority. We recognize that strong security is vital for small to medium business owners who rely on us for reliable VoIP services. Our Security Hall of Fame honors the dedicated individuals who help us keep your business safe by identifying and disclosing high-severity security risks.

Why Security Matters

As a small to medium business owner, you need to trust that your VoIP provider prioritizes security. Vulnerabilities in your communication systems can lead to data breaches, financial loss, and damaged reputations. By partnering with experts and ethical hackers, we ensure your business remains secure, so you can focus on growth and success.

Our Honorees


Keyur Maheta

Discovered: Potential for rolling DDOS on our website.

Mr. Maheta discovered a way that a malicious actor could overwhelm our website, rendering it inoperable for other users. We were able to address it promptly and are no longer vulnerable in that way. Thank you, Mr. Maheta, for your assistance.

How We Handle Security Disclosures

At NoContractVoIP, we have a dedicated security team ready to address any vulnerabilities reported to us. If you discover a security issue, please contact us. Your proactive efforts are crucial in maintaining the highest security standards for all our clients.

Join Our Hall of Fame

By responsibly disclosing security vulnerabilities, you can help protect countless small to medium businesses relying on NoContractVoIP. Our Hall of Fame recognizes these valuable contributions, showcasing your role in creating a safer digital environment.

Contact Us

For any security-related concerns or to report a vulnerability, reach out to our security team here. Your input is vital in our mission to provide secure, reliable VoIP services.