How do I forward my phones? Can I schedule my phones to forward automatically?

To forward an individual phone you can dial *72 followed by the extension or phone number you wish to forward to (if you forward to an outside phone number like a cell phone, and you dial the phone number in with 10 digits xxx xxx-xxxx any call that gets forwarded to the cell phone will show your office’s caller ID, if you forward to the cell phone using 11 digits in the pattern 1 xxx xxx-xxxx then any call forwarded to the cell phone will show the caller’s caller ID). When done dialing the forward on code the system will read back the number you forwarded to then say “Thank you” you must stay on the phone until it says “thank you” or else the system will assume you didn’t like the number it was reading back to you and NOT turn on forwarding. the system will also remember the last number you forwarded to and if you wish to forward to that same number again just dial *72, this will reforward to the same number as the number your phone was last forwarded to.

To unforward dial *73 at the phone you want to disable forwarding at.

You can also manage forwarding from inside of your voicemail box auto attendant, option 4 (for the forwarding menu), then 2 (to set the destination number), option 3 (to turn forwarding on or off), or option 4 to forward to the number you called into the voicemail box from.

You can also manage forwarding through access to the online portal. Here the forwarding options can be dealt with on an ad-hoc basis, on a weekly repeating schedule, or through a 1 time scheduled event starting and ending on a date/time of your choosing.