Formula for a Successful Receptionist

By Ryan Saseung | September 15, 2021

Introduction First impressions have the ability to make or break a business opportunity. According to neuroscientists at Harvard University and New York University, people make persistent evaluations based on rapid observations of even less than half a minute. So, it should be no surprise that receptionists are crucial to the success of any business, big…

Level Up Your Business with an Auto Attendant

By Ryan Saseung | September 1, 2021

AUTO ATTENDANTS, A NECCESITY TO LEVEL UP YOUR BUSINESS What is an Auto-Attendant and why would my business need one? Whether you know what an auto-attendant is or not you likely interact with one on a weekly basis at least. An auto-attendant is essentially a menu with a prerecorded message letting a caller know what…

Welcome to NoContractVoIP!

By Ryan Saseung | August 13, 2021