6 Immediate Steps You Should Take If Your Netflix Account is Hacked

Free Person Holding a Remote Control Stock PhotoNetflix, one of the most popular and well-known streaming services, boasts nearly 231 million subscribers worldwide. It has experienced steady growth for almost a decade.

Many people incorporate Netflix into their daily entertainment routines, firing up their devices, logging in, and resuming their favorite shows. Many of our clients use it in their business waiting rooms.

Unfortunately, like with any online service, hacking poses a threat to Netflix accounts. The service’s reliance on a username and password alone makes it vulnerable.

If your Netflix account falls victim to hacking, the experience can be shocking, confusing, and infuriating. Without proper guidance, you may react impulsively, exacerbating the situation.

This article outlines the necessary steps to take when you suspect a breach of your Netflix account. First, let’s delve into the typical tactics employed by hackers during an account takeover.

How Does a Netflix Hack Typically Work?

Hackers exploit phishing overload in these types of breaches. They take advantage of people constantly receiving fake emails that spoof reputable brands like Netflix. One common phishing tactic involves sending an email claiming there has been suspicious activity on the recipient’s account. The email includes a link to a spoofed website that imitates the brand’s legitimate login page. This classic trick aims to steal the recipient’s login credentials.

On the dark web, hacked Netflix accounts typically sell for $12 each.

Due to the sheer volume of these emails, people become desensitized to them. They tend to ignore them, fully aware of the potential dangers associated with clicking on such messages. Hackers capitalize on this behavior, hoping that individuals will disregard genuine emails from Netflix that warn of suspicious logins—emails sent by the hackers themselves.

The hackers remain inactive, refraining from taking any actions that would lock the account. They patiently wait for the recipient to receive additional emails of this nature, anticipating that they will dismiss them entirely. Once this indifference is established, they proceed with their attempt to take over the account.

Account hacks can occur in various ways. Here is a typical scenario of a Netflix hack:

  • The hacker sends an email to the account owner, notifying them of a suspicious login, often originating from a different country.
  • Concerned, the account owner logs into their Netflix account to check for any unfamiliar devices logged in. Typically, no unauthorized devices are visible at this stage. The hacker then logs out, aiming to deceive the account owner into believing that everything is secure and dismissing the genuine notice as a phishing attempt.
  • This same pattern may repeat 2-4 more times within a month. The hacker waits for the user to disregard the Netflix warnings.
  • Once the hacker believes that the user is ignoring the security alerts, they proceed with their plan. They add their own credit card to the account, enabling them to contact Netflix and provide it as a method of verification.
  • Additionally, the hacker may upgrade the subscription plan to a higher level.
  • Typically, the hacker replaces the existing user profile names on the account with numerical values (e.g., 1, 2, 3).
  • At this point, the account owner usually receives an email indicating a change in account information, such as the account email, password, or phone number.
  • The hacker’s ultimate objective is to lock the account owner out of their own account.

What Do You Do If Someone Has Hacked Your Netflix Account?

1. Go to the Netflix site & try to log in.

If you suspect that your account has been hacked, take the following active steps:

  1. Visit the Netflix website directly from your browser. Avoid clicking on any links received via email, direct message (DM), or SMS.

  2. Attempt to log in using your password. If you manage to log in, it indicates that you might have caught the hacker before they locked you out. Proceed to take the necessary actions to secure your account. If you are unable to log in, proceed to Step 4 below, which involves contacting Netflix support.

2. If you can log in, change your password immediately.

If you are able to log into your account, take immediate action by changing the password.

Create a strong password that meets the following criteria:

  • Ensure it is at least 10-12 characters long.
  • Include a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols.

Avoid using a variation of the compromised password. It is crucial not to incorporate any portion of your previous password when generating the new one.

3. If you can log in, remove any strange payment methods

If you still have access to your account and its settings, navigate to the payment methods section. Hackers frequently add an additional payment card to your account, which they utilize to verify the account with Netflix support.

Delete any unfamiliar payment methods that do not belong to you. However, if you remove your own payment card, you will need an alternative method to verify your account with Netflix. Therefore, it is advisable to consider contacting Netflix support before taking this step.

4. Call Netflix support. (Don’t skip this step)

Each individual’s experience may vary. Some users who have encountered an account hack have commended the prompt and supportive assistance provided by Netflix.

Take the initiative to reach out to Netflix support, regardless of whether you have successfully logged into your account or not. There might be actions performed by the hacker that you are unaware of, such as modifications to subscription information.

Inform the support representative that you suspect your account has been hacked. They will guide you through the necessary steps to reverse the actions taken by the hacker.

5. Watch your bank statements.

Watch your bank statements for any unusual charges. You should do this after any account hack.

6. Change the password for other accounts that used the same one as your Netflix account.

People frequently utilize the same or very similar password for multiple accounts. Take the necessary steps to change the password for any accounts that utilized the recently hacked password.

By keeping alert and getting help when you need it, you can prevent cybercriminals from taking advantage of you.  Whether it’s your home account, or your business, don’t let people steal your money or peace of mind.

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