Improve Phishing Detection With SLAM

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There are plenty of good reasons why phishing hovers at the top of the list for security awareness training. For the last couple of decades, it has remained the main delivery method for all types of criminal attacks. Ransomware, credential theft, database breaches, and more often launch via a phishing email someone fell for. Why…

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How Often Do You Need to Train on Cybersecurity Awareness?

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Once again, your annual phishing training runs well. Each training session teaches employees how to avoid phishing emails. Naturally, you’re feeling all good about it. Right up until about 5-6 months later, when your company pays for a costly ransomware infection. Sure enough, someone clicked on a phishing link. You think, what’s the use? You…

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Home Security and IoT Devices

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We connect more and more devices to the internet in our homes every day.  The number has increased exponentially over the last ten years. Homes now typically have 10.37 devices connected to the internet. Mobile devices and PCs represent a little over half of those connected, and the rest are IoT devices. IoT stands for…

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Smishing, The Next Hacker Frontier

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Getting more text messages from companies these days compared to a couple years ago? Most people receive many more, and most don’t know where they call come from. Retailers and B2C companies are always hunting for new ways to get consumer attention.  They really want to bypass bloated email inboxes and spam filters. Companies these…

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Six Ways To Protect Your VoIP Network

So, what kind of communication system are you using for your business? We ask because many modern companies (including all our clients) have long since switched to Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) business telecom systems. This technology allows employees to connect through voice calls using only their internet connection. It offers a wise choice considering…

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Top 5 Mobile Device Attacks You Need to Watch Out For

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Tablets and smartphones offer portability, often making them the preferred device for web searching, communications, and using multiple programs.  With the appropriate service hooked up, they can be used from anywhere. People once used traditional desktop computers.  Now, people are using mobile devices instead, often to the point of not wanting a desktop at all.…

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Signs That Your Computer May Be Infected with Malware

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About 34% of companies who get hit by a breach take a week or longer to regain access to their data and systems. In the business world, time is money, so such a long recovery time is clearly unacceptable.  No accessing data or systems for an entire week? Many businesses will fold completely, angry customers…

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Multi-Factor Authentication: Security or Convenience?

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Theft of login credentials spiked to an all-time high recently.  Credential theft claims responsibility for more data breaches than any other type of attack. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) blocks 99.9% of credential theft attempts, but never gets used as much as it should. Data and business processes frequently use cloud-based storage and apps these days.  User…

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Worst 5 IT Security Mistakes

Cybercrime costs $11 million USD per minute or $190,000 per second globally on average. 60% of small and mid-sized companies who suffer a data breach wind up folding within six months because they can’t afford the recovery cost. These costs include loss of business, downtime/productivity losses, reparation costs for customers that have had data stolen,…

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Safely Recycle A Mobile Number

People change their mobile numbers all the time. When someone moves, they usually want a number that’s local to the new area.  Businesses often recycle their own phone numbers due to employee turnover. If a mobile number doesn’t properly detach from the accounts it previously linked to, all those accounts are open to identity theft,…

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