Yealink – How To Conference

  1. Place a call to the first party.
  2. Select Conference to place a new call. The active call is placed on hold.
  3. Dial the second party’s number. You can also select the desired contact from the search list, or select a contact from the placed call list or Directory before you enter the number.
  4. When the second party answers the call, select Conference to add the second party to the conference.
  5. Repeat the above steps to add more parties to the conference.

Merging Two Calls into a Conference

You can invite a held call into a conference call with the active call.

  1. Place two calls on the phone.
  2. Select the desired call for a conference and ensure that the call is active.
  3. Select Conference.
  4. Highlight the desired hold call and select Send.

Inviting a Transfer Target and a Transferee into a Conference

After consulting with the contact you want to transfer a call to, you can invite the two calls into a conference.

  1. Select Conference after talking with the contact you want to transfer a call to.

The transferee and the transfer target join the conference.