5 Ways Computers Steal From Your Business

A business owner surrounded by needy robots, the image for Computers Steal From Your BusinessNo, we’re not talking about AI.  We’re talking about regular old computers, the kind you probably have in your business right now.  Computers steal from your business all the time, and you can’t fight it if you don’t know about it.  So, let’s jump right in.

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Each interruption costs each employee about 45 minutes. How much did you pay for that 45 minutes?  That’s how long it takes to get one’s head back in the game after the train of thought has been derailed.  So, how many spam robocalls does your business get every single day?

You have to answer your phones, you can’t take the chance of losing a customer.  Each robocall bleeds you for 45 minutes of someone’s time, though.  So, that’s the first way computers steal from your business every day.

Siphoning Money Out Steals From Your Business

Programs today often run by subscription.  Why? Because software companies figured out they could make money from you forever, of course.  They could anyway, given how much you had to pay for constant security patches and eventual upgrades.  Software companies just figured they’d move to the subscription model, and generally you’re paying about the same amount.

When’s the last time you checked to see if you were paying for employees who weren’t using those programs?  If they’re not using them, you’re setting money on fire. Again, computers steal from your business if you let them.

Old Computers Suck You Dry

Cybersecurity attacks cost the average American company 5.02 million per incident. And, of course, there are thinking human beings behind those attacks.  That means they’re looking for vulnerable companies.

If you don’t keep your system current on its security patches, you’re vulnerable.  Often, computers and the programs on them get so old that nobody’s even doing security patches on them at all anymore. Right then and there, you’re a prime target in a cybercriminal’s sights. They will use your own computers to steal from your business.

Old Computers Steal From Your Business While Just Sitting There

How expensive is your business network and computer equipment? It wasn’t cheap, was it? However, you look in the IT closet, and it’s a rat’s nest of dust, tangled equipment, and confusion.

Dust and heat represent the biggest enemies of computer equipment.  Tangled, dusty, poorly ventilated network rooms often cost thousands in computer repair or replacement.  The computers being down costs $5600 per minute on average. So, can you afford your computer systems failing?

What Price For Respect?

When you’re on a road trip, would you rather stop at a clean, modern, well lit fuel station with beautiful displays or a old, dingy one with flickering lights and smelly floors?

How well your computers and phone systems work gives the same impression to new customers.  If your system is cranky and hard to work with, your employees have to ask for more time from your customers. Your customers know your computer systems are old.  You come off as unreliable.

We may accept this as par for the course from the DMV, because everybody knows government systems are clunky.  We still don’t like it, and we won’t put up with it from any business if at all avoidable.

Stop The Leaks

There are easy, pretty cheap ways to solve all of those.  We’re happy to share them:

How To Stop Losing Money To Computers

I want to stop computers from bleeding my business dry.


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