7 Time Management And Productivity Tips

Low productivity presents a massive obstacle to both working and growing your business. Fortunately, solutions abound.

People often struggle to finish the task at hand. Regardless of how long they’ve been in the business, productivity seems to evade them regularly.

Probably you, too, suffer this problem, even if you’re an experienced business owner.

Your to-do list is long enough to weave a rope… but you can’t focus when you try to get down to work.

You try to concentrate… but your brain just can’t make any headway.

You might have been try to do something all day… but none of your tasks are complete.

Simply put, you’ve been busy but not productive.

Fortunately, there are lots of methods to get out of the slump. You need to boost your productivity, and here some of the best ways to do so.



The sheer number of obligations can overwhelm so hard that none of them get done.  We end up sitting idle unable to even begin.

Choose one task.  One.  Focus on it, get it done, and don’t go off on any tangents.  Complete that one job before picking up anything else.

Once that one’s done, ride the momentum wave to get the next one going and done.


One of the main reasons affecting productivity in the world today is lack of sleep. Attempting work while  sleepy is counterproductive, and the only way to combat it is through this one weird trick:


(Sorry, not sorry.)

Experts recommend at least seven hours of sleep every night to improve sanity, stress levels, and workplace productivity. When sleeping on a regular schedule and consistent basis, you wake up fresh and ready to take on your goals.

In addition, avoid going to work as soon as you get out of bed. Prepare yourself mentally for about half an hour before starting your workday.

Try to figure out your ideal bedtime. Many people go to sleep and wake up early, but that may not be effective for you. Different people have different circadian rhythms. You’ll need to determine the most suitable timing.


Intelligent planning helps boost productivity by enhancing your time management skills. Research suggests your working intervals shouldn’t last more than 1.5 hours at a time. Rest periods should be distributed between, allowing you to recharge your batteries.

That said, trying to leave work early might be tempting, but it’s usually counterproductive. You skip all the rest periods during the day trying to get done early, and mistakes rise while effectiveness plummets.

To remain productive and focused throughout the day, clear your mind and take your breaks by doing exercises. They can improve your performance while benefiting your mental and physical health massively.

Some of your best options available include yoga and a short gym session. These two activities are usually fairly accessible and help reset your brain and fill you with positive energy to help you handle the rest of your workload.


Another great way to increase productivity is to weed out distractions, such as chatting with your team members and surfing the web. This one goes with the first tip about focus on one task at a time. The urge might be strong, but you’ll need to resist it to enhance your workplace efficiency.

To do so, turn off computer and smartphone notifications. You may still encounter some interruptions, but they won’t be caused by social media or other trifles.


Most productive days start by taking care of the most difficult task first.

Most people are at their best when they first get to work, which is the perfect time to address the biggest problem for the day. It’s during this period where your mental energy surges and you’re more likely to produce innovative ideas to solve tough challenges.

After tackling the most complex tasks, the rest of the day will be much easier. You’ll be left with routine activities (e.g., checking and answering emails) that require no creative efforts.


This might sound counterproductive, but everyone needs to take breaks during your workday.

Remember, you’re not a machine that can work non-stop and produce impressive results. And if you try to be like one, your productivity is bound to plunge. Truckers have to stop and take breaks or they crash the truck because their brain quits paying attention.  You’ll do the same, just with less immediate danger.

To avoid mental exhaustion and productivity lapses, get up from the desk and stop working for a couple of minutes.

As previously mentioned, you can perform a few exercises to refresh your energy. Another option is to have a cup of coffee or go for a walk. You should return more focused and ready to complete your tasks.
But don’t go overboard with your breaks. Try to limit them to about 30 minutes and avoid watching YouTube or going to entertaining websites. It can lead to further procrastination and less productivity.


Everyone needs help, even the most skilled business owner. If you don’t have people working with you, you created a job, not a business.

So, delegating your assignments should be a staple of your workday. It helps you save time and remain productive. Best of all, it allows you to focus on complex duties that can make or break your business.

Delegate duties by assigning them to trustworthy team members. That’s why they’re trustworthy, right?

After entrusting your responsibilities, don’t supervise your workers closely. Otherwise, you may start micromanaging them, which may cripple their motivation and confidence.

Instead, provide your employees with all resources necessary to complete the task and let them work in peace. If possible, teach them how to automate the assignment using modern technology.

Again, this can help take your productivity to new heights by enabling you to deal with essential duties only. Whether the owner or part of a larger team, that’s important.

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