How VoIP Can Help Your Business

How can VoIP phones help your business? VoIP represents the latest in business telecom technology.  As usual, the point of technology is to make life cheaper and better.  VoIP does this admirably when it comes to business telecom systems.

Quit Doing Extra Work

Company IT teams and individual developers can focus more on their core tasks. In terms of maintenance and troubleshooting, VoIP systems require less than a tenth of the work of traditional phone systems.

VoIP business telecom systems are usually hosted by the provider. That provider then takes care of all the updating and maintenance. Individual developers can focus on creating the projects they’re actually responsible for. IT can solve internal computer problems instead of always trying to work with the phone system. Setting up VoIP doesn’t require any technical expertise within the company.

Increase Business Flexibility

VoIP provides more flexibility to the whole team.  A VoIP number or extension can work on multiple devices, including a desk phone, smartphone, and computer or tablet. This allows an employee to switch between those devices at will, depending on location and needed function. In addition, it enables a company to connect people from all over the world.

Scaling up or down is a lot easier. Traditional phone systems took a lot of work within a building to add a new employee, or to downsize a position.  With VoIP systems, all it takes is a phone call to the provider and it’s taken care of. In addition, autoattendants and hold music are easy to provide and to modify at will.  Want a special holiday or after hours message? Just schedule it.

VoIP provides stable phone numbers that are easy to switch between providers.  A business lives and dies by its phone numbers.  When a phone number is already out there, keeping it is of utmost importance to a company.  Porting those numbers over is easy and quick.

Automate Phone Systems In New Ways

VoIP lets you keep your business open to communication on your schedule, whatever that is.  It’s easy to set schedules for how the phone system behaves at different times. Whether the protocol needs to apply to after hours, holidays, emergencies, or individuals’ vacations, it’s easy to program the system to schedule.

VoIP systems are one step closer to the dream known as Unified Communication. UC is a system in which chat, email, desk phone, and cell phone all work together to get a message to the user, regardless of that user’s location.  In addition, telecommunications are working to get all of those integrated with a company’s customer retention management software.  That way, any team member can look at the customer’s account and see what other teammates have talked about.

Save Money and Time

VoIP calls are usually cheaper, whether local, long distance, or international.  Companies don’t have to spend on infrastructure for VoIP.  That means that when the upgrade or switch needs to happen, companies aren’t stuck with a bunch of phones, cables, and equipment that they can’t use any more. 

All in all, VoIP represents a true leap forward in business telecommunications. To see if we can best meet your business telecom needs, ask for a quote or call us today at 966-550-0005.

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