Electronic Fax Instructions

To send a fax via eMail:

  1. In the “To” field, put the receiving fax machine’s number (including 1 and area code) followed by “@faxmessage.net”
  2. In the subject you need to put your username and password in the following format…. u=username p=password
    See example below
  3. You then attach the document you wish to fax (can be pdf, jpg, word documents, etc.)
  4. The body of the email is your cover page for your fax

How to send faxes through the portal:

  1. after entering username and password, click login
  2. click “web to fax”
  3. in the “To” field put the name of the person you are sending to, in the “Subject” field put a subject of the fax
  4. in the “Fax Number’s” field put the entire fax number (1 + area code + 7 other digits) and you can put multiple numbers in here separated by enters
  5. in the “Message” Field you can put some text to go along with your fax
  6. then attach your pdf at the bottom of the page

How to get faxes through the portal:
(the easiest method is to get the faxes delivered via eMail)

  1. once you log in click “report”
  2. select the time period when the fax was sent or received then click “show report”
  3. locate the fax in question by the “Destination No.” field, and the “Time” field
  4. click on the “Fax ID” number
  5. and then click “Download Fax” to download a copy of the fax in question to your computer