Business Phone Services In San Bernardino

Hi, we’re NoContractVoIP, and we’ve provided business phone services in San Bernardino since VoIP was invented.  We’ve made our headquarters in Upland, California for forty years, starting in the early ’80s when we provided beeper service to businesses. Today, we partner with businesses to keep them smoothly connected.

So, what’s wrong with the same phone company you’ve been with forever?

Let’s start by asking “What does traditional phone service offer?”

  • Extensions
  • Call transfer
  • Call conferencing
  • Caller ID
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Holding

That’s about it. You can hook an answering machine up to it easily enough. If it goes out, the business phones entirely shut down. Adding, subtracting, or even moving a phone presents an expensive proposition because each phone directly hooks up to the central “brain” with copper wire.

VoIP does all that through software instead of copper wires. In addition, VoIP can

  • Turn voicemails, texts, and faxes into emails
  • Allow business numbers to text customers
  • Forward wherever you want in an emergency
  • Integrate with your customer management software
  • Add an extension anywhere for extremely low cost
  • Move extensions anywhere you want for no additional charge
  • Connect remote or hybrid workers seamlessly into the business phone network

What Makes NoContractVoIP Different?

Plenty of VoIP providers out there happily sell you a business VoIP phone system.  Go on their website, put in the number of users you want service for, hit the checkboxes, and they’ll sell you whatever you typed in. Their tech support can vary wildly from day to day.

If that’s what you want, great! There’s room in the world for all of us.

If you’re lost, if you want the best with full support, that’s where we come in.

We partner with each business personally to save the most money, time, and stress.  We conference with you extensively about what you need your phone system to do. Then we create an integrated system we know will do exactly what you need it to.  You don’t have to know anything about VoIP to get the perfect phone system for your business. You don’t ever have to learn anything about computers or tech to keep on the cutting edge.

Our 24/7 United States based tech support team works in our headquarters with us every day, right next to our top notch customer service team.  They’re all only a free phone call away.  We don’t charge for phone support, either on the tech or the customer sides.

We handle your Internet for you through our complimentary Internet Ambassador service.  You’ll never have to call them for tech or customer service again either.

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